There are very few opportunities in life to make a good first impression. And as an entrepreneur introducing yourself to your customers for the first time, each one of these opportunities is critical. The Detroit advertising community and Adcraft want to do their part. Therefore, we are volunteering our time to help a new Detroit businesses by giving them access to the best advertising and marketing minds the Detroit area has to offer, over the course of only one weekend. This program is called hello:Detroit.

It’s just one way we are working together to provide our “craft” to help Detroit businesses grow.

The hello:Detroit "flash" agency weekend went off without a hitch last summer, and our expert team of Adcrafters were able to provide a 37-slide presentation of strategic recommendations and tactics, along with a new logo and visual identity, for client Detroit Maid while having a great time. Watch the video from last year's weekend here.

And now it's your turn! Volunteer to be a part of this year's flash agency team here!

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